International Plant Molecular Biology Congress
Bourbon Cataratas Convention & Spa Resort, Iguazú Falls, Brazil
October 25th - 30th, 2015.

Welcome to the 11th IPMB Congress website!

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

On behalf of the bi-national Argentine-Brazil Organizing Committee, we´d like to welcome you to the 11th Congress of International Plant Molecular Biology (IPMB; formerly International Society for Plant Molecular Biology, ISPMB) website. We are very pleased that the IPMB President, Professor Ottoline Leyser and the Board of Directors decided to hold this event at the Iguazú Falls, located at the Argentine-Brazilian border.

Iguazú Falls are one the New 7 Wonders of Nature and as you can imagine, inspiration comes with every breath there. It is our wish to present the perfect place to discuss the role that plant science can play in addressing problems that nature is currently facing.

We are convinced that the triennial series of IPMB Congresses is crucial to go over the recent and fascinating new discoveries of the nature of plant life at the molecular level. We believe that it will be an excellent opportunity to encourage the community to adopt cross-disciplinary approaches, in order to come up with novel answers to pressing challenges such as global population increase and climate change.

To continue the success of this series, an exceptional group of scientists from all over the world was appointed for the International Scientific Programme Board ensuring an exciting and high quality scientific program.

Last but not least, it is remarkable that this event is being co-organized by two Latin America friend countries, ensuring the participation of hundreds of young scientists from the region who will undoubtedly bring their sparkle and creativity to the meeting.

It takes two to Tango but many more for Samba; we look forward to meeting you at the 2015 IPMB Congress.

If you need a formal invitation letter, please download here Invitation letter